BCI+network Hospitality and Event Venue Management Consulting Services


BCI can provide planning services in a variety of areas including: Feasibility Analysis, Market Analysis, Program Analysis, Funding strategies and Facility Master Planning. BCI can work closely with your design team to develop highly functional properties, properly sized program elements, realistic functional relationships, workable operational plans and guidance on operational systems. BCI will provide support in assuring that the facility will meet the needs of your potential clients and, that the facility will work the way the client wants it to work. BCI can also provide assistance to your designers if the time comes that you are faced with those difficult value-engineering decisions when the budget just isn’t big enough.

Management Consulting

BCI can assist the client with a myriad of issues related to the successful operation of hospitality and event venues. These services include: Strategic Planning that reviews the strengths and vulnerabilities of your facility as well as identifying the facility’s potential. Through a facilitated planning process, BCI can assist the staff in planning a successful and goal-oriented future for your facility. BCI can perform Operational Assessments that identify problems and provides solutions in the areas of budgeting, personnel, organizational structure, policies, procedures, systems and contractor relationships. BCI can also assist with the development of request for proposals or bid documents and procurement processes related to food and beverage services, management services and other contractor provided support services. BCI can provide temporary operating services to keep your facility running during transition periods. BCI can also provide recruitment of well-qualified staff for your facility.


BCI provides training in numerous operational areas including:

  • Quality Guest Services
  • Service Standards
  • Management Development
  • Process Improvement
  • Event Planning
  • Event Management
  • Crowd Management

All training provided by BCI is presented by BCI ’s staff or experts who are part of the BCI network of experts in those respective fields. Training is tailored to fit the needs of the client and their staff.

Asset Management

For those facilities that are owned by units of government or private ownership where management is provided by a private management firm, BCI can provide the owner with realistic assessments of the performance of their management firm, including quarterly financial and operational assessment reviews, maintenance reviews, as well as assisting the owner in negotiating management contract terms that will assist the owner in achieving their goals and objectives for their facility.

Facility Condition Assessment

BCI can provide facility condition assessments that provide the client with a picture of the physical and functional condition of their facility. This type of assessment can assist the client in understanding the financial requirements needed to properly maintain a facility. These assessments can also be used to determine the cost to renovate vs. the cost to replace a facility, based on a Facility Condition Index evaluation. BCI can assist the client with the development of programs to track life cycle, repair, replacement and refurbishment needs.

Facility Management Services

BCI can provide turnkey facility management services for the benefit of facility ownership. In those situations where the owner does not have the expertise to manage or where there is a need for new management BCI can successfully provide these services.

Facility Bureau Relationships

BCI has been very successful in assisting both facilities and bureaus or Destination Marketing organizations towards reaching a creative and productive working relationship. BCI has considerable experience in resolving conflicts and establishing organizational models that provide the destination with the right solutions to make success possible.

Marketing Consulting

BCI can provide facilities with marketing consultation geared to improve visibility and sales of facilities and services. BCI can assist with planning, budgeting and strategic implementation.

Process Improvement

BCI has been a leader and pioneer in the use of process improvement in the hospitality and events industry. BCI can assist facilities in the implementation of “lean” practices that can bring significant value to your organization.

Pre- and Grand Opening Consultation

BCI can assist its clients in the development of pre-opening and grand opening plans. BCI can assist in budgeting, program planning, pre-opening check-lists and a myriad of other details involved in delivering a successful opening.

Event Management

BCI can either, plan and coordinate event activity for its clients or it can assist the client in the planning and execution of a successful event. BCI can also provide services to organizations needing assistance with locating a venue for an event as well as assisting with contract terms and price negotiations to assure that the client is receiving the most for their investment. BCI can also assist with planning for the security and safety of events and patrons and guests with thoughtful and effective emergency preparedness.

Expert Witness Services

BCI provides expert witness services in many areas related to the Public Assembly Facility industry. These include issues of liability, negligent operations, crowd management and security, safety, ADA issues, maintenance, ticketing, contracts, franchise relations and construction related issues.